Velkomin til Íslands

Oh my goodness gracious !!!! I can’t believe I am actually IN ICELAND !!!!

We first started planning this trip 6 months ago, and it has FINALLY arrived. I am reunited with my old friends, meeting new ones, and exploring a foreign country !

Yesterday we flew into Iceland very early in the morning. All 9 of us loaded our bags (and ourselves) into a white, VW van and headed off to our first adventure. The photos below are my first impressions of Iceland. I have to say, I was totally speechless. I had only imagined what Iceland might look like when I arrive, but I never dreamed it would look so peaceful and beautiful. It felt like I had just awoken from a dream into a still sleeping world

wpiceland-5I can’t get over the beautiful blue, white, and soft purple hueswpiceland-4The landscape was bathed in creamy blue lightwpiceland-3 wpiceland-2 wpiceland-1

This was just a short post about my first impression of Iceland. Stay tuned for more photos and adventures !!!!


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