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Sarah & Matt | Engagement
  • Sarah & Matt | Engagement

  • It was a race against the weather ! Sarah, Matt, and I had an original date for the engagement shoot, but the weather decided not to cooperate with us. So, we rescheduled the shoot for October 10. However, when the tenth came and we saw that it was supposed to rain in the afternoon, we both jumped in our respective car[...]
Alejandra & Brandon | Engagement
  • Alejandra & Brandon | Engagement

  • I always love it when my photography life and my a cappella life collide. This time, a Note sister (by relation) reached out to me ! Alejandra's older sister, Adrianna, was in my a cappella group in college. So I was beyond excited when Alejandra sent me an email. Alejandra and Brandon met in August of 2011. Brandon[...]
  • Teagen

  • Love love love love LOOOOOOVE this girl ! Shooting with Teagen, even if it's only for a few minutes, is always a blast !!! I've known her for over 8 years now (what?!?!) and she's become one of my best friends. I am so fortunate that she only lives 5 minutes away !! I was at Paoli Battlefield the other day finishing[...]
  • Megan

  • I can't say enough about this girl. Megan is so incredibly down to earth, one of my absolute favorite people to chat with, my permanent class buddy, and now my hiking friend !!!! Today was an absolutely gorgeous day ! I was so happy when Megan agreed to come on a little woodsy photo adventure with me. We wandered al[...]
Mike & Sarah
  • Mike & Sarah

  • I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THESE TWO !!! A while ago I got an email from Mike, Sarah's boyfriend. He wanted to propose to Sarah on the kissing rock, JMU's famous (and maybe infamous) landmark. His plan was incredibly romantic and involved leading a blindfolded Sarah all over the state to get to JMU. A little twist in Mike[...]
Natural Bridge Adventures
  • Natural Bridge Adventures

  • I lived in Virginia for the past 4 years while attending James Madison University. Whenever I left Harrisonburg I would see signs for the "Natural Bridge". It was a bit of a drive from my house, but I was determined to get there eventually ! Yesterday my boyfriend Don and I were driving back from a wedding in NC. About[...]