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  • Whitney

  •  This is Whitney ! As you may have guessed. . . Whitney is a photographer. We met through a mutual friend of ours (shout out to mah gurl Julia). But - sensing the creativity hiding inside our new found friendship - we quickly made plans to grab some one-on-one coffee time and chat about our passion. That coffee date wa[...]
  • Kai

  • This past august, I began my journey to become a yoga teacher. I expected to learn a lot about poses, alignment, anatomy, and the eight limb path. However, I never expected to meet so many wonderful, strong, talented, beautiful, and caring women. One of my fellow teachers, and friends, was kind enough to come over f[...]
Alejandra & Brandon | Engagement
  • Alejandra & Brandon | Engagement

  • I always love it when my photography life and my a cappella life collide. This time, a Note sister (by relation) reached out to me ! Alejandra's older sister, Adrianna, was in my a cappella group in college. So I was beyond excited when Alejandra sent me an email. Alejandra and Brandon met in August of 2011. Brandon[...]
Savannah, Onyinye, Griselda & Tingting
  • Savannah, Onyinye, Griselda & Tingting

  • I had SO much fun with these girls today !!! A while ago, Savannah contacted me to set up a shoot with her 3 lovely roommates. All 4 of them are in my grad school program and was so happy they reached out to me ! I was beyond stoked and knew we were in for a good time. However, About 2 hours before our scheduled shoo[...]
Eno Trails Daytrip
  • Eno Trails Daytrip

  • Yesterday a few friends and I went on a little adventure ! We went to Eno Trails to see the quarry and relax for the day. Although it was a bit of a hike (and definitely off the beaten path) we had an INCREDIBLE time !!!!! Our fearless leader and guide, Mr. Jack Wyatt.  When we finally got to the quarry, everyone was [...]
  • Emma

  • Shooting with Emma is always such a treat !! Our shoots are usually incredibly spontaneous but always astoundingly productive. We traveled to my favorite abandoned house for this shoot. I wanted to capture the romance of this old house through a portrait session. I absolutely love this house and have definitely conside[...]
Liz & Sara
  • Liz & Sara

  • These girls and I go way, way, way, way, WAAAAAAAYY back. Actually, we go further back before any of us were even born !!! Their mom and my mom have been best friends for (what seems like) forever !!!! We've spent many a summer at the beach, playing, growing and laughing together. I was so happy when they called me [...]
Cece & Jason
  • Cece & Jason

  • I had such a lovely day at Sunday Park with Cece & Jason !!!! Their fall engagement shoot was perfect because the leaves were just starting to fall, but the sands on the lake represented their upcoming summer wedding !!! This was a breathtaking location to shoot ! I hope to be back soon ! I am absolutely obsesse[...]
Sam Valentine
  • Sam Valentine

  • I had the great pleasure of shooting with Mr. Sam Valentine this weekend !!! Look out ladies, not only is he a total sweetheart, he  is also incredibly talented. Like, ridiculously talented !!! His voice is so relaxing and guitar skills are brilliant ! Also, he writes his own music. Creative? Check. Handsome? Check. Fu[...]
Harvest Queen
  • Harvest Queen

  • I always love shooting with Sydni ! She brings so much light and joy to each shoot and isn't afraid to be her bubbly, hysterical, glorious self !!! This week we traipsed through the arboretum (it was her very first time being there !!!) collecting leaves and turning them into a crown ! Originally, I had the idea to [...]
  • Natalie

  • I am so, so, so, SO fortunate to have this girl in my life. Natalie joined my a cappella sisterhood, Note-oriety, a year and a half ago and she has been a big part of my life for during that time. Basically the definition of "born to be the coolest person ever", Natalie is super down to earth, has an amazing sense of s[...]
Coaching Session with Katelyn James
  • Coaching Session with Katelyn James

  • SUPER EXCITING NEWS !!!!! Back in August I had an amazing coaching session with Katelyn James. (For those of you who don't know her, you should seriously go look her up) We spent time playing with her adorable puppy, Bokeh, chatting over tea about photography, and pinpointing ways I can improve my business. The expe[...]