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Alejandra & Brandon
  • Alejandra & Brandon

  • THESE TWO ARE THE SWEETEST ! Seriously, the way Brandon and Alejandra look at each other, it just GIVES ME THE CHILLS ! Their love is so sweet, they had an incredibly fun wedding party, the venue was beautiful, and there was so much joy throughout the whole day.   Welcome to the historic Whitehall Estate in Bluemont,[...]
Maegan & Kyle
  • Maegan & Kyle

  • I LOVE GETTING TO TRAVEL FOR WEDDINGS ! About five months ago, I traveled up to DE to meet Maegan and Kyle for their engagement shoot.  I had a blast exploring around with them and getting pizza and ice cream !  Since the engagement shoot, Maegan and I had been chatting over email A LOT about the big day. She wa[...]
Mike & Sarah
  • Mike & Sarah

  • AH !!! HAPPY MARRIAGE TO SARAH AND MIKE !!!!! I was so honored to be a part of their love story. From proposal to wedding, I've been able to watch this couple grow in love, happiness, and of course, dance. Sarah is an amazing woman and I am so honored to call her my sister. Mike is the perfect man for Sarah. They co[...]
Julie & Ben
  • Julie & Ben

  • I first met Julie when we were both in undergrad at James Madison University. Crazily enough, we met for the first time at a photo shoot ! Some of the girls in the Vocal Major decided to get together and have a big shoot in the arboretum to celebrate their graduation. They all showed up in their STUNNING recital dresse[...]
Emma & Connor
  • Emma & Connor

  • I don't even know where to begin. This weekend was beautiful, emotional, incredibly joyous, and full of love. I love Emma for 1,001 reasons. She is talented, lovely, giggly, energetic, fashionable, sweet, sassy, and sings like an angel. She is also always down to snuggle and loves to talk in funny accents (which . .[...]
Katrina & Joe
  • Katrina & Joe

  • The first time I met Katrina and Joe was at their beautiful engagement session in the arboretum at JMU. Joe was very quiet and Katrina wore a beautiful necklace. Theirs was one of the first engagement session I ever shot ! I was nervous, excited, so energetic, and running all around the arboretum with them. A few mo[...]