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Kris, Tristan & Maya | Family Shoot
  • Kris, Tristan & Maya | Family Shoot

  • A little over a year ago, I had the honor of capturing Kris & Tristan's intimate Asheville Courthouse Wedding ! Recently, I had an even GREATER HONOR of capturing Kris & Tristan's beautiful growing family ! Maya - the sweetest, giggliest bundle of laughs - lit up this shoot. I mean, come on, LOOK AT DIS B[...]
Rosette Family
  • Rosette Family

  • Finals had just ended. I was drinking a cup of tea, enjoying a pine scented candle, and slowly packing my suitcase for winter break. Then suddenly my computer pings. I had just received an email from Ashleigh. She asked if I was available to take some photos for her family's annual Christmas card. Ashleigh and I spo[...]
Graduation !
  • Graduation !

  • Well, this is a little late, but hey. . . BETTER LATE THAN NEVER !!! On May 10, 2014, i graduated from James Madison University with a degree in mathematics ! Here are just a few snapshots from the day ! (photo cred : lil bro, Mike) This is my masterpiece of a graduation cap, MATHY MATH !!!Getting ready for the [...]