Rosette Family

Finals had just ended. I was drinking a cup of tea, enjoying a pine scented candle, and slowly packing my suitcase for winter break. Then suddenly my computer pings. I had just received an email from Ashleigh. She asked if I was available to take some photos for her family’s annual Christmas card.

Ashleigh and I spoke on the phone about what she wanted from the photos (a more gritty, city vibe than last year’s Christmas card), she also told me about her family (especially her 5 year old twins, Soka and Cosa), and that she was relatively new to Durham (just like me). While we were chatting away, we discovered that we were both at Fuqua ! I am studying in the MMS program until May and Ashleigh is a professor at Fuqua !! Unfortunately, Ashleigh teaches the MBA program, so I won’t be having her as my professor any time soon. However, it was so funny to make that connection and I am truly grateful that she reached out to me !

Here are just a few shots from our time together !

The Rosette family showed up and meant business with these outfits. Seriously, I felt underdressed ! I am also still obsessed with Soka and Cosa’s matching accents !wpfamily-10To get there “city” feel, we headed to THE BULLwp3Soka was giving Cosa a few tips on modelingwpfamily-17wpfamily-18These two were seriously cracking me up the entire time !wpfamily-19Even though THE BULL was a little scary, Soka and Cosa put on some smiley brave faceswp2We then headed to Main street for a bit of that “grit”wpfamily-39It was time, once again, for some sibling loving !wpfamily-40This is probably one of my favorite photos of Cosa !wp4wp1Soka and Cosa were so active all day that we decided to do a few “action” shots ! I had Soka and Cosa run at the camera. They were in heaven !wpfamily-22wp6Soka got her hands on her Dad’s camera, and she had an absolute blast. I saw some of the photos she was taking of Cosa, they were pretty good if I do say so myself !wp5 wpfamily-4

I had so much fun running (literally, ha) around Durham with Chris, Ashleigh, Soka, and Cosa. And, I have to admit, I was SUPER excited to shoot with the Rosette family because it was my first local gig in Durham NC !!!! I’m officially Durham based !!! Hopefully I will be seeing Ashleigh around Fuqua soon. Happy Holidays to you all !


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