Natural Bridge Adventures

I lived in Virginia for the past 4 years while attending James Madison University. Whenever I left Harrisonburg I would see signs for the “Natural Bridge”. It was a bit of a drive from my house, but I was determined to get there eventually ! Yesterday my boyfriend Don and I were driving back from a wedding in NC. About 5 hours into our drive we began to see billboards for The Natural Bridge. We joked, “hey, maybe we should stop and see the Natural Bridge !” Within 30 seconds the jokes became 100% serious and we got off the highway to head for the Natural Bridge !!! I was so incredibly excited and even more excited when we got a student discount (score).

Don and I walked around for about an hour enjoying the sights and each other’s company. Here are just a few photos I snapped during our trek through the Natural Bridge grounds.

wnb-1wnb-4The first thing we saw within the Natural Bridge grounds was this teeny tiny waterfall  wnb-3But then. . .we saw THIS  wnb-63wnb-16wnb-17Just a bit of free-lensing  wnb-6The height of the bridge was staggering  wnb-18wnb-13wnb-9We were in absolute awe  wnb-7wnb-12Don was in charge of the handy dandy map, and we headed down the trail !  wnb-2wnb-57wnb-35We stopped by this lovely little river for just a moment to soak in some sun  wnb-11wnb-36wnb-14wnb-30Photo credit to Don !  wnb-56About halfway down the path we came across this little Monacan Village  wnb-40wnb-41wnb-37We also came across THIS little guy !wnb-46wnb-45wnb-10I am so proud of Don for being my little photographer !!wnb-5wnb-47We came to the end of the trail to see a beautiful waterfall !!!wnb-53wnb-8After our adventure it was time to head back home.wnb-34

This was definitely a day to remember ! I am so happy we took this spontaneous trip !


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