Missy & Kent

I am so so so so SOOOOOOOO excited to share this engagement session with you ! Missy and Kent are so much fun ! I could tell the moment I met them that it was going to be a fantastic, fun, and energized day. They are so in love and complement each other so well !

We had a blast traveling all around Charlotte, NC. It was my first time in the city and Missy and Kent were fantastic, showing me the sights, pointing out great places to go (when I come back to Charlotte). I even got to meet their impossibly adorable dog, Charlie.

We started our day in this beautiful field where the light was just heavenly ! View More: http://samanthaleonettiphotography.pass.us/missy--kentwp19I was already in love with these two from frame one.  View More: http://samanthaleonettiphotography.pass.us/missy--kentDespite the winter weather, these flowers were in full bloom ! wpMissy & Kent-engaged-86We then traveled to this FANTASTIC industrial park. About 50 meters away, HUNDREDS of Panthers fans were gathering to tailgate before the game. wp5View More: http://samanthaleonettiphotography.pass.us/missy--kentwp12 We (quite literally) stumbled upon these awesome chimes that were build into the stonework. If you stepped on the separate squares, a different note would ring out. View More: http://samanthaleonettiphotography.pass.us/missy--kentView More: http://samanthaleonettiphotography.pass.us/missy--kentThe height and beauty of the buildings in Charlotte were absolutely staggering. I forgot what it was like to be in a real city, ha. wp15Woooooooooaaaaaaahhhhhhh. . . View More: http://samanthaleonettiphotography.pass.us/missy--kentWe then headed over to the French Quarter. wp14View More: http://samanthaleonettiphotography.pass.us/missy--kentThere were some really adorable shops and restaurants there. wp16wp11We took a little break from the cold and traveled inside. The entire place was empty ! It was like we had rented it out ourselves. View More: http://samanthaleonettiphotography.pass.us/missy--kentView More: http://samanthaleonettiphotography.pass.us/missy--kentwp3wp17wpMissy & Kent-engaged-65wp18wpMissy & Kent-engaged-71Our last location of the day was this beautiful little church !!!wp13wp4And of course, one more ring shot for good measure !wpMissy & Kent-engaged-89

Missy and Kent are so sweet. They really made me feel welcome in their city and I can’t wait for their wedding in September !!!!

I had an absolute blast in Charlotte and can’t wait to visit again !


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