Mike & Sarah


A while ago I got an email from Mike, Sarah’s boyfriend. He wanted to propose to Sarah on the kissing rock, JMU’s famous (and maybe infamous) landmark. His plan was incredibly romantic and involved leading a blindfolded Sarah all over the state to get to JMU. A little twist in Mike’s plan though, is that he wanted me to be there to capture the proposal. OF COURSE I was totally on board for the idea and had the incredible experience of photographing their engagement the moment it happened. We then went to one of my (and Sarah’s) favorite restaurants downtown, Jack Browns, to celebrate with friends and family.

Now, a few months later, I was fortunate enough to be a part of their engagement shoot. We went all over Harrisonburg for this shoot. Including some train tracks that Mike and Sarah scouted right before the shoot !


wpm&s-3wp9awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww  wpm&s-8i absolutely love shooting with these two ! it’s always such a fun time !wp10wp11for some reason i thought it would be a good idea to climb up onto the train to take photos. . . i am absolutely OBSESSED with how these turned outwp12wp13slow kiss for the win 1wpwpm&s-22my heart ! this is such a special moment between these twowp14wpm&s-20wpm&s-24after our train track adventures we moved to the JMU kissing rock !!!!wp7wp8this is where they got engaged !!!!!!!  wpm&s-44sarah and mike also wanted to shoot in some of the BEAUTIFUL stonework on campuswp15wpm&s-58wpm&s-56wpm&s-62wpm&s-60after some couples photos, it was time for solo shots !wp18mike was killing it with the model poseswp17we even found a lovely little spot on the porch to turn and laughwp16after traipsing around the JMU campus for a bit, we headed to the arboretum. . . my favorite place in Harrisonburgwpm&s-78wpm&s-79just making sure everything is in order !wpm&s-75wp4i am all about the forehead kisses  wp5wp6we headed off to another part of the arboretum . . . wpm&s-92 we made a quick stop for a tender moment as the light was fadingwp2wp3wpm&s-99can’t forget that ring shot !wpm&s-119our final stop in the arboretum: the labyrinth. i am absolutely obsessed. it really calms me down when i need it, and the colors are amazing !wpm&s-116wpm&s-108wpm&s-109wpm&s-106wpm&s-104things started to get a little silly !wpm&s-102mike really wanted to get one more photo in hahah  wpm&s-110

Needless to say, I am INCREDIBLY excited for their wedding this summer ! I had the best time shooting when them and always love seeing Mike & Sarah.

I still can’t get over how adorable they are !



  1. by Tracy Austin on October 3, 2014  11:03 am Reply

    As the Mom and future Mom of these two, I'm absolutely "Over the moon" about their engagement and these pictures. I can't wait to expand my family with Mike as the addition. I have seen you together and can feel the chemistry. This is going to be epic!!!

    • by Samantha Leonetti on October 3, 2014  1:58 pm Reply

      Aw !!!! Tracy I am so excited for these two as well !!!!

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