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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

I LOVE A CAPPELLA PEOPLE !!!!! If you haven’t guessed already, I met one of these two lovely people from a cappella. Can you guess who it is? It’s Megan !!!! She was in an a cappella group at JMU called Into Hymn. Her group and mine, Note-oriety, got along famously ! We would hang out, do arrangements for each other’s groups, and swoon over each other’s all female groups. I am so fortunate to have met her, heard her sing, and watched her and her group grow !

However, this post is not about a cappella (although it may seem like it, haha). This is a post about Megan and Grant. This is (just a small part of) their love story.

I always love hearing real life “meet cute” stories. When I asked Megan to tell me a little about Grant, it was immediately evident how incredibly in love with him she is. I’ll let Megan tell you in her own words how they met.

We met my freshman year of college and I literalllllly loved him when I met him. We started dating towards the end of my freshman year. He enlisted in the navy right after high school, so we’ve been doing long distance for a WHILE. But I’ve spent every summer in Rhode Island since then, and I graduate in December so we will FINALLY be together permanently!!

Through the distance, so much love has grown between Grant and Megan. I think it is safe to say, by Megan’s Caps Lock email, that these two are really excited to finally be in the same location !!!!

We met up for the engagement shoot at The Signature at West Neck in VA Beach. This location is absolutely amazing. . . which Grant and Megan already know because it also happens to be their wedding venue ! I won’t say any more about it since you’ll be getting quite an eye-full of the location !

wpgrantmeg-1 Seriously. . . model status ! Love just glows from within these two !  wpgrantmeg-16 wpv1wpgrantmeg-19  wpgrantmeg-23wpv3I just love these two ! wpgrantmeg-26wpv2 wpgrantmeg-32 The fountain on the grounds was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! (And helped to keep us cool on the hot June day !)wpgrantmeg-36wph1 wpgrantmeg-45wph3 wpgrantmeg-56wpgrantmeg-50Every corner of The Signature is absolutely stunning !wpv4 Of course, I had to get an Arnold Palmer before I left !wph2wpgrantmeg-60      

I had so much fun with Megan and Grand, and can’t wait to see them again for their wedding !


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