Maria & Erica

I have always had a place in my heart for arboretums.

When I was in high school, I used to hang out in Valley Forge National Park all the time. I love being outside and do about 95% of my shoots with natural lighting. So when Erica and I were looking for a place to shoot, I was shocked that I had never even heard of Tyler Arboretum !

Erica suggested we should shoot there and, let me tell you, I will DEFINITELY be going back to visit ! Tyler arboretum was beautiful ! The grounds were so expansive, the lighting was stunning, and the colors (even in the dead of winter) seemed to glow !

I met Erica and her sister, Maria, at the entrance to Tyler arboretum. We grabbed a bunch of outfits from the back of their car, and headed off to shoot. Maria told me she was a little nervous to start shooting, but after a few minutes (and help from Erica), we were all giggling and channeling our inner models.

We started shooting in this beautiful open field.wp105It was right next to this greenhouse. Unfortunately, the door was locked, but we still snapped some photos outside wpM&E-53wp106Maria liked this wonky little house, and I did too ! wp1We moved deeper into the woods to take some portraits ! wpM&E-33wpM&E-27Off the path a little we found a little white house wpM&E-19I just love these two ! They were so much fun to shoot with !wp5After the little white house, we found THIS AMAZING FIELD !!!!!!wpM&E-37Erica was WORKING IT !!!!!! wpM&E-48And I am in LOVE with her blazer !wpM&E-47wp4Maria had that model-wind. It was glooooooorious wpM&E-43Some hair flips for good measure ! wp103Awwwwwwwwwwwww wpM&E-38Erica did a quick change into this STUNNING black dress with a beaded front wpM&E-67So fierce ! wp2 wpM&E-69We explored a little bit further for some cozy portraits. I am absolutely obsessed with chunky scarves ! wp102 wpM&E-79wp101wpM&E-73wp3Aw ! Sisters ! wpM&E-74

I had such a great day with Maria & Erica. Tyler Arboretum is definitely on my new list of places to shoot !!! Thanks for the suggestion, Erica !

– Sam

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