Maegan & Kyle

Maegan and I “met” over the internet last February (I’m taking 2014 February. . ). We have been planning this engagement shoot for a very long time, and this weekend I was finally able to get up to Delaware and meet Maegan and her fiancé, Kyle.

Maegan and Kyle’s story goes waaaaay back to when she was only 10 years old. They first met in church, but as the years went by, they kept crossing paths over and over again. College brought a marvelous first date (which we re-created for this engagement shoot), lots of texting, and a long distance relationship. Their love of history, each other, (and pizza of course), makes me smile just thinking about their journey together.

Maegan and Kyle were an absolute blast to shoot with, and I can’t wait until I see them again !

The first stop on our photo-first-date was Nicola Pizza.wp4This pizza smelled soooooooooo gooooooooood. . .


After our pizza date, we headed to the town of Lewes. It is an old, quiet town, but rich in history ! (which is perfect for these two history buffs) wp100wp101We grabbed a few rocking chairs for a nice, quiet, rest. wp5Then, we headed over to King’s Homemade Ice Cream for some delicious ice cream and, surprise surprise, MORE PHOTOS !wp103wpM&K-30 Did I mention I LOVE ice cream ?wp7wpM&K-32The inside of King’s felt like it was frozen in time. The decorations were all straight out of a 1950’s movie. wpM&K-38wp10wp6 We took our ice cream around back and shot in front of this beautiful wood facade. Seriously, this was my favorite part. Ice cream AND an amazing backdrop !? I was one happy camper. wp8wp Gotta love that drippy ice cream cone. wp2wpM&K-11wpM&K-1wp1One more kiss, for good measure.wpM&K-6

 I had such a blast traveling to Delaware to meet Maegan & Kyle and re-create their first date. I can’t wait to see them again !


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