Maegan & Kyle


About five months ago, I traveled up to DE to meet Maegan and Kyle for their engagement shoot.  I had a blast exploring around with them and getting pizza and ice cream ! 

Since the engagement shoot, Maegan and I had been chatting over email A LOT about the big day. She was super on her game and organized and I just loved hearing all the details and about what was going on in her life ! Finally, the big day came and I got to go back to DE to see Maegan and Kyle again !

I loved that Maegan and the bridesmaids got ready at Maegan & Kyle’s future home ! It let me peer deeper into the tiny details of their relationship ! I think a home can say a lot about someone, and I was so honored to be invited into their space wp1MK-gettingready-2 Maegan had this beautiful vase of dried flowers by her bedside, I couldn’t resist using it for a detail shot ! wp1MK-details-21 I loved that everyone was helping everyone else get ready ! Doing each other’s hair and makeup. . . wp101wp104 and I LOVED ALL THE FLANNEL flannel ! wp100iPhone pics because why not ? wp1MK-gettingready-10 While everyone finished packing up and got ready to head to the church, I took some detail shots outside in Maegan’s backyard wp1MK-details-2wp100wp1MK-details-7 Maegan had so many fun details to play with ! wp1MK-details-9 She made this tie to give to her dad during the first look, which just made my heart melt wp1MK-details-13wp1wp1MK-details-11 Once I got my fill of detail shots, we all packed up in the car to head to the church and meet the boys. When we got there, they were doing a little getting ready of their own wp1MK-gettingready-17 wp1MK-gettingready-21wp103  Maegan and Kyle didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony, so we were shuffling around to make sure everyone stayed hidden ! The boys got ready upstairs and the girls got ready int the basement of the church wp102 Maegan got her bridesmaids beautiful necklaces to wear on the wedding day and wrapped them up with a personalized note wpiMK-gettingready-28wp102 wpiMK-gettingready-37 I took the boys outside for some photos while the girls finished getting ready. Kyle and his men put the finishing touches on their outfits (with some help from Mrs. Peterman) and we were ready to go ! wp1MK-portraits-35wp1 The boys had their sunglasses. . . and a planwp1MK-portraits-13 I love capturing people just straight up having fun wp11wp9 The boys headed inside to rest for a bit. Meanwhile, Maegan and the girls came outside for some bridal portraits ! wp12wp1MK-portraits-41Wp100wp13 So much sass, I love it wp5wp4wp1MK-portraits-75  Then it was time for Maegan’s first look with her dad wp1MK-portraits-48wp10wp1MK-portraits-108 She also did a first look with her mom, which was very touching wp3 One last hug, and then everyone (except Maegan) loaded into the car to head to the ceremony ! wp1MK-portraits-68 Rolling up to the ceremony. . . like a boss. . .  wpiMK-ceremony-27wp103wp99While the guests took their seats, the bridal party hid away in a restored vestrywpiMK-ceremony-14 Maegan and Kyle didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony, but we found a way to give them a quiet moment together ! wp98wpiMK-ceremony-19wp102 then it was time to head to the ceremony !!! wpiMK-ceremony-24wpiMK-ceremony-10 How cool are these ushers !? They look like the secret service ! wpiMK-ceremony-7wpiMK-ceremony-69  The church was small and intimate and had beautiful wood floors ! This was such a beautiful ceremony wp101wpiMK-ceremony-60wpiMK-ceremony-3 MARRIED ! wp1MK-portraits-124 We headed to Heritage Shores to take some bridal portraits before the reception started wp1MK-portraits-138Wp101 We were lucky enough to get a golf cart to rush to and fro between locations wp2 We came across a beautiful willow tree on the grounds ! wp6wp1MK-portraits-151wp1MK-portraits-155wp8wp1MK-portraits-166wp7Wp103 Maegan and Kyle brought along photos from their parent’s wedding days. This was such a cute and personal touch wp1MK-portraits-160The reception kicked off with the first danceswp112wp115 wp1MK-reception-22wp1 Everyone quickly joined Maegan & Kyle on the dance floor wp114wp109wp102  I adore this photo. . .wp1MK-reception-73wp108wp106 There was a photo-booth in the corner and it was so much fun to watch people make silly faces with funny props ! wp101wp1MK-reception-78wp1MK-reception-44 The party started getting crazy and everyone was dancing and having a good time ! wp110wp111wp113wp105 wp103wp1MK-reception-72wp1MK-reception-81wp107wp1MK-reception-87wp1MK-reception-67 Then it was time for one of my favorite parts of the whole day. . . DESSERT ! wp103wp1MK-reception-107wp100 POW RIGHT IN THE KISSER ! wp1MK-reception-110 A kiss to sweeten the night ! wp104wp1MK-details-41

I had an absolute blast with Maegan and Kyle. Happy marriage and happily ever after !


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