Liz & Sara

These girls and I go way, way, way, way, WAAAAAAAYY back. Actually, we go further back before any of us were even born !!! Their mom and my mom have been best friends for (what seems like) forever !!!! We’ve spent many a summer at the beach, playing, growing and laughing together.

I was so happy when they called me up to book a super secret shoot (as a surprise christmas present for their mom) because I hadn’t seen them in AGES !!! Liz and Sara laughed the entire shoot, (I’m not kidding. . .) which was totally awesome and wonderfully refreshing. I can honestly say that I don’t think I’ve seem either of them go five minutes without giggling.

It was absolutely freezing when we shot at this random park we found literally on the side of the road, but we managed to have fun and capture some awesome memories. I can’t wait to see these two goofballs again.


wp10wp11aaaahhhhh !!! they are both so beautiful !wp3wp1sister hugs !!!!!wp2wp7wp12wp9making some holiday magic !wp8wp4seriously !!! they laughed and laughed and laughed !wp6happy holidays !!!!wp5

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