Lauren & Zach

Laughter is contagious. So are smiles. So is joy. This wedding was so full of happiness, light, and love, that everyone could barely contain themselves. Everywhere I looked, I saw smiles, happiness, and affection.

Lauren and Zach emanate such intense joy, that it spreads to everyone around them. It was such an incredible honor to be a part of their big day !

 Lauren got very creative with her “something blue” and sported these blue heels down the isle !!

q1details-1711h9q1details-10This dress !!!!!!! q1details-22 q1details-3111h10 Lauren had a very special rosary  wrapped around her bouquet q1details-38 Meanwhile, in the bridal suite, everyone was getting ready !q1gettingready-3811h11 11h1211h14 11h13  Lauren’s dress reveal had quite an effect ! There were (teary) smiles all aroundq1gettingready-23Dressed, and ready to go, we headed to the church for some photos before the ceremony !11h6 q1bridalparty-10        After a couple of turn and laughs, it was TIME FOR THE CEREMONY TO BEGIN !!!!! 1q1ceremony-1 1q1ceremony-711h6  Lauren’s smile is so incredibly beautiful ! 1q1ceremony-18 1q1ceremony-2011h7 Man and Wife !!!! 1q1ceremony-4111h8Immediately after walking down the isle, they shared the sweetest embrace ! 1q1ceremony-44 After the ceremony, Zach and Lauren had a receiving line. They were able to personally greet and thank each of their guests before jetting off to the reception !

The reception was A DREAM ! It was held at Hermitage Hill Farm in Virginia, a beautiful venue ! q1details-55q1reception-111h411h311h2I mean, come on !!! Look at this barn ! q1bridalparty-48After the bridal party photos, Lauren, Zach and I snuck away to take some portraits q1details-57q1details-46q1reception-8q1bridalparty-63q1bridalparty-8811v111h1q1bridalparty-11111v2 After our photos at sunset, the party REALLY started going ! The reception was overflowing with laughter, dancing, delicious food, and love

q1reception-66 Oh, and did I mention that they are AMAZING DANCERS !? 11v2q1reception-6911h21Lauren’s dance with her dad quickly turned into a family dance ! This was brilliant, and so fun to watch 11h22q1reception-9911h23 It didn’t take long for everyone to join in on the dancing ! 11h1511h24 11h16 11h17 One last hug on the dance floor before the sendoff…  11h19 11h20 A balloon sendoff was the perfect way to see Laren and Zach off on their honeymoon ! 11h18

These two definitely had me smiling throughout the entire day. Lauren and Zach are such a joy to work with, and I couldn’t ask for anything more ! Can’t wait to see them again soon !


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