Kris & Tristan

Asheville. Courthouse. Wedding.

Three little words that made my heart so excited. I absolutely loved the idea of this when I heard about it from Nicole, sister of Kris, the bride to be. Nicole and I met when I came to NC about a year ago, so I was so honored when she asked me if I would be interested in shooting her sister’s wedding. It is always a lot of pressure photographing events for friends, but I couldn’t pass up the idea of 1. an Asheville courthouse wedding, and 2. meeting Nicole’s family.

Carl and I drove to Asheville the day before to explore and check out the area. I was also mentally preparing myself for a courthouse wedding. In all honesty, I had no idea what to expect. Would I be allowed inside during the ceremony ? What type of lighting would it be like inside ? Would it just be us in the ceremony or other people ?

However, I knew I loved the feel of Asheville so if anything, we could always walk around outside the courthouse for some awesome, eccentric, urban bridal portraits. . . and that is exactly what we did !!!

Kris and Tristan and I met outside the courthouse and chatted about what they wanted in bridal portraits. They wanted to capture the spirit and uniqueness of Asheville with a mix of natural and urban, mural photos. First, we took a few photos in front of the courthouse.

wpkris&t-3wp110 I love their style. They are too cool for me wpkris&t-5 The courthouse doors have this beautiful metal facade, I just couldn’t get enough ! wp112wpkris&t-11wpkris&t-22 There was also a beautiful amphitheater in front of the court house wp108From the courthouse, we headed out into the city on an adventure ! We stopped on a beautiful pathway lined with orange and yellow trees. I absolutely love fall, it’s the most beautiful time of the year ! wp1wpkris&t-25 Nicole, Kris’ sister, designed the bouquet for her sister. It was absolutely STUNNING ! wpkris&t-60wpkris&t-59 We kept heading deeper and deeper into downtown and came across this beautiful mural bridge wpkris&t-39wp111wpkris&t-43wpkris&t-44 Such an attractive couple. . . seriously though, they are so cool. . . and I loved Kris’ headpiece wp2 Tristan and Kris spotted this little plant nook before I did and they jumped in the alleyway ! wpkris&t-71wp106 Kris found this INCREDIBLY beautiful rooster mural and we spent a lot of time playing with this wall wp109wpkris&t-53wpkris&t-49wpkris&t-54wp107 After the rooster mural, we found an orange wall ! All the colors ! wp113wpkris&t-77 One more bouquet shot. . . for good measure wpkris&t-80 Next, it was time for some FAMILY PHOTOS !  wpkris&t-81wp105wp100wpkris&t-126 wp101wpkris&t-112wp103wpkris&t-118 ready for the ceremony !! wp102wpkris&t-132 wpkris&t-139 wpkris&t-141 wpkris&t-142

This wedding was an absolute blast and like nothing I had experienced before ! Thank you Kris and Tristan for sharing your beautiful day with me and being awesome Asheville tour guides !


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