Kody & Somer

I first met Somer & Kody when I was in a cappella at JMU. The night they asked me to shoot their wedding was the night of one of the huge a cappella concerts, and I was so excited and flattered that I couldn’t stop smiling all night ! It had been a long time coming, but the day finally arrived: July 5, 2015. Somer & Kody got married !!!!

Down to the last detail, this wedding was beautiful. The location: breathtaking. The ceremony: incredibly heartfelt. The dancing: on point. I had so much fun at this wedding and am so excited to share the photos with you !

wpds-20 these program/fans came in handy. . . it was HOT ! wpds-17 i love Somer’s wedding jewelry. the opal is totally original !wp14 Somer made all these bouquets with the help of her bridesmaids ! aren’t they beautiful ?wp13 wpds-33 you know me, love a good ring shot . . . what can i say ? wpds-4 wpds-1 the bridal party !!!!! these robes were a gift from Somer to her bridesmaids and friends ! wp10wp9 putting the finishing touches on the dress . . . wp8 and crowning the flower girls ! wpdks-42 Meanwhile, in the groom’s cabin. . . wpds-38.2 wpdks-800 getting ready wpdks-23wpdks-13 Kody !!!! wp101 nothing like a good old fashioned “turn and laugh” wp3 then, as the groom and groomsmen hid out of sight, it was the ladies’ turn ! wp7 the lovely bridesmaids (in those adorable dresses that i definitely need to own) wpdks-198wp104wp103wpdks-197 right before the ceremony, the groomsmen gathered to pray together. . . wp2 and so did the bridesmaids and women in the familywp6 the walk to the old mill was full of lush greenerywp12wpdks-31 just absolutely in love with this location wp11wpdks-214 such a beautiful moment, full of love and faith wpdks-51wpdks-55wpdks-60 i loved this detail !!! it was such a brilliant idea to have the guests throw petals from the bridge wpdks-61wp5wpdks-6wp4 straight posin’ wp102 SIBLINGS ! wpdks-21 after some family and bridal party photos, Somer & Kody and I snuck off to take some intimate bridal portraits in the beautiful scenery surrounding the mill wp100wpdks-8wpdks-16wpdks-15  a little rain didn’t stand a chance against this photo shoot ! wp1wpdks-24wpdks-22 meanwhile, the guests were entertained with a little movie that Kody & Somer had made wp16 then, it was time to PARTY !wp17wp19wp20wpdks-10wp24wp22 there were some serious moves being busted on the dance floor ! wp26wpdks-146wp21 the garter and bouquet toss ! wp18wpdks-109 (someone caught a little extra piece of the bouquet, still counts !)wpdks-102wp25wpdks-103wpdks-138wp23
 very nicely done, Somer wpdks-172 after cake, music, dancing, and laughing, it was time for Kody & Somer to make their exit ! wpdks-241  SPARKLERS AHOY !wpdks-244 we took a few minutes to do a little sparkler shoot of our own before Kody & Somer retired to the groom’s suite wpdks-247