Kelsey & Chris | Engagement

Kelsey and Chris wanted to take advantage of the beautiful VA fall colors (can you blame them?!), so I drove up to meet them at Big Meadows Lodge. I had never been to the Lodge before, so I didn’t know what to expect. However, I had driven all up and down Skyline Drive while I was at JMU, so I knew it was going to be beautiful. I was SUPER pumped for this location before I had even seen it.

We met at the lodge and the first thing we did was climb a mountain. Granted, it was a tiny path up a small part of a very large mountain, BUT it was steep and treacherous and quite the hike. But the view at the top. . . worth it !

wp1110wp1112 Kelsey and Chris braved the staggering height of the mountain and perched right on the mountain sidewp100 aw ! wpK&C-69wp1106wp1108 That view though. . . seriously. I could have stayed there all day !wpK&C-65 We pried ourselves away from the beautiful view of the Blue Ridge Mountains to find more beautiful scenic views. We walked about 50 feet into the woods to find some glorious sunlight coming through the fall trees.
wp1109wpK&C-48wpK&C-55wp1105 All about that light.wpK&C-51wpK&C-41wp102 Kelsey and Chris made a quick change into some comfy fall inspired clothes and then. . . WE PLAYED IN THE LEAVES !wpK&C-15 Kelsey is absolutely stunning !
wpK&C-11 This ring is gorgeous ! The pink stone stole my heart !
wp1100 We traveled to “the grove”, as Kelsey called it, for some more photos and a save the date shout out. wpK&C-18 Kelsey told me that she and her dad would come here all the time when she was younger and they would play pretend for hours in the grove. It was a really touching story and the location was absolutely beautiful on top of the sentimental ties.
wpK&C-24wpK&C-34 THAT SUNLIGHT !!!

I had such a blast shooting with Kelsey and Chris on Skyline Drive. I absolutely love VA and am so excited to be going back next year for their wedding day !


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