This past august, I began my journey to become a yoga teacher. I expected to learn a lot about poses, alignment, anatomy, and the eight limb path. However, I never expected to meet so many wonderful, strong, talented, beautiful, and caring women.

One of my fellow teachers, and friends, was kind enough to come over for an urban inspired yoga photoshoot !!!! Kai is incredibly talented and has been practicing here and there ever since she was little. However, she has deepened her practice over the past 2 years. She is now teaching at Hot Asana in Southern Pines. Seriously, this girl is super talented. Just take a look !

wpkai-17temph Floint on point wpkai-19wpkai-20wpkai-12wpkai-21 Lucky for me, Kai brought some personal jewelry with her to the shoot. I absolutely love shooting details ! wpkai-3 temph1 This necklace Kai has is stunning wpkai-1temv Kai is so beautiful, strong, peaceful, an amazing teacher . . . .wpkai-23 and she carries a beautiful light within her. . . wpkai-26

I can’t wait to see how Kai’s yoga journey will unfold.


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