Julie & Ben

I first met Julie when we were both in undergrad at James Madison University. Crazily enough, we met for the first time at a photo shoot ! Some of the girls in the Vocal Major decided to get together and have a big shoot in the arboretum to celebrate their graduation. They all showed up in their STUNNING recital dresses ! I am talking floor length BALL GOWNS here ! After the shoot, Julie and I talked briefly about her upcoming wedding and how excited she was. A few months later, I got an email from Julie asking if I would shoot her wedding. I was so excited and honored to be a part of her special day !!!

With a total of 16 bridesmaids and groomsmen, I knew this wedding was going to be crazy fun ! I had such a blast spending the day with Julie & Ben. Their colors (purple, orange, and red) were so fall appropriate and made my photographer’s heart happy ! Also, I am not sure if you know this, but Julie and Ben are SO in love. My favorite parts of the day were just watching Julie and Ben look at each other. It made my heart so big !

I showed up to Castle Hill Cider in Virginia for some pre-ceremony photos. wpJ&B-41Can I just live here ? Please, it is SO beautiful !wpJ&B-43The bridesmaids were wearing these beautiful robes from Etsy, a gift from Julie to all the girls !wp1wp13So much love !wpJ&B-63wp6wp7wp3Caught in the act ! Bride Selfies !wpJ&B-53wp2wp4wpJ&B-60Julie brought wedding photos from throughout her family history. This was such a creative and beautiful touch. wpJ&B-59I couldn’t even dream of better light !wpJ&B-70One of my favorite photos by  Jake, my right hand photographer for the day ! Just look at  that light ! Stunning !wpJ&B-155I can’t get over these bouquets ! wpJ&B-76wp5Some detail shots ! My favorite. wpJ&B-57I LOVE THESE SHOES !wpwp14Don’t forget that iPhone photo !wpJ&B-98Time for the girls to see Julie in her dress for the first time ! wpJ&B-108wp8AW !wpJ&B-111wpJ&B-113We took a little bus to the chapel ! This was such a cool idea !wpJ&B-116Ben wrote Julie a note before the wedding. They chose not to see each other before the ceremony, so this was a lovely way for them to express their love on the day of their wedding. wp9A gift from Julie to her Mother wpJ&B-115Time for the CEREMONY !wp109wpJB-41Dad’s first look at Julie on her wedding day !wp106wpJ&B-158The ring box was awesome ! I love the dark wood and flowers !wp2wpJB-84wp107Mr.  & Mrs. Nemeyer !wp108The whole family gathered in the back of the church to celebrate right after the reception !wpJB-104wp110wp111MY HEART ! They are so beautiful. qpJB-112Back on the bus to head to the reception at Castle Hill cider !wp101AWWWWWWWWWW Stealing a kiss !wpJ&B-122wpJ&B-131wp3Look. At. This. Barn. LOOK AT IT ! This location is STUNNING !!!!!wpJ&B-148wpJ&B-149I am always all about the details !wpJ&B-126The flowers were SO beautifuL ! I love fall colors !wpJ&B-140wp1wpJ&B-144wpJ&B-151Perfect. wpJ&B-146wpJ&B-145wpJ&B-156wp13HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA !!!wpJ&B-152Time for some more girl time before the reception !wp100wp101wp103wp102wp105Patiently waiting for her turn to take a photo with Julie. wp104wpJ&B-152Loved this chalk board sign ! wp1wpJB-156wpJB-158The reception was so magical !wpJ&B-305wp2wpJB-160The table settings were perfect ! I loved the fall influences !wp3MMMMMMMM . . . Cake and whoopie pies !wp4Announcing Mr. & Mrs. Nemeyer !!!!!wpJB-182Time for the first dance !wp8wp7wp6“Your younger brother is getting married before you? . . . Are y’all gonna dance?wp5And now. . .IT IS TIME TO PAR-TAY ! wpJB-231wpnew4These two were killing it all night !wpnew2wpnew6wpnew7wp11wpnew5wpnew8The dancing at this wedding was unreal ! Everyone was having so much fun !wpnew3Some of the ladies from Julie’s Music Sorority sang a special song for her. wpnew1And then the dancing resumed !wp12wp13wp20wp9wp10wp21wpJ&B-367After everyone was all danced-out, it was time to say goodnight !wpnewA beautiful end to a beautiful day. wpJB-166

This wedding was incredibly fun and such a joy to witness ! Thanks again to Jake for helping me out ! CONGRATULATIONS JULIE & BEN !!!!! I can’t wait to see you again !


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