Jeff & Michelle

Jeff is probably one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. His knowledge in the classroom always astounds me, and on top of that, I am so lucky to have met such a genuine guy in business school !

A while back, Jeff approached me about capturing his proposal to his girlfriend, Michelle. I was so incredibly stoked and started getting all the details of his proposal game plan. He told me he was going to take her to the historic well on UNC’s Campus and propose to her there. On Friday, April 17, Jeff and I went to UNC’s campus to scope out the well. We checked the lighting, how crowded we thought it would be, and the best angles to capture the big moment. We even took a few ring shots, just for good measure !

wpjeff&michelle-1the ring is absolutely gorgeous ! great pick, jeffwpjeff&michelle-2

The next day, Saturday, I went to the well to wait for Jeff and Michelle to arrive. When I first got to the campus, there were about 40 people gathered around the well taking graduation photos. It was nice because, as a photographer, it didn’t look suspicious that I was there. I started to get a little nervous. I didn’t want the scene to be too crowded.

However, just as Jeff and Michelle were walking up the quad, everyone seemed to leave. I was left there, standing awkwardly by the well, camera in hand. I didn’t want to look too suspicious, so I was enlisted the help of some incredibly well dressed students (they were on their way to formal) passing by. I pretended to be taking photos of them and drew them away from the well so Jeff and Michelle could have some alone time by the well. While I was ‘preoccupied’ with the group of students, Jeff made his move to the well !!!!

w5w6oh my gosh, she said yes !!! and they were all smiles !wpjeff&michelle-17wpjeff&michelle-4applause from my student partners-in crime echoed through the quad !w4wp3wpjeff&michelle-20wpjeff&michelle-21the moment it sinks in ! w2w3w1wpjeff&michelle-9wp2wpjeff&michelle-34Congrats to Jeff & Michelle ! It was an absolutely perfect proposal



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