Jamie & Daniel | Engagement

Jamie is the big sister I never had. I met Jamie freshman year of college when we both got into Note-oriety at the same time. We were a cappella newbie sisters then and she is still my sister now. She is so wise, smart, kind, honest, talented, beautiful, and funny. Oh, and did I mention, this girl can SAAAAANG. I love this girl so freaking much.

A while ago, (a very long while ago) Jamie and Daniel and I got together and went to the JMU arboretum to take some “non-engagement” photos. It was so much fun. They were awesome models and really helped me improve my photography skills.

So, when they asked me to ACTUALLY shoot their real life engagement shoot, I was so excited !

I traveled up to DC to meet Jamie and Daniel at the Kennedy Center. Surprisingly, I have never been to the Kennedy Center before ! I absolutely loved it ! We played around on the terrace and balcony. Jamie and Daniel are so so so so awesome. I had such a blast with them !

wpJ&D-9 kisses ! wp2wpJ&D-1wpp1JD-3wp101 we then moved over to the river side of the Kennedy Center wp103wp100 After some river side shots, we moved up to the balcony ! IT WAS BEAUTIFUL !wp106 so cute so cute so cute so cute wpJ&D-33wpJ&D-35 we played with the lighting and made some shadows on the wall wp1 The lighting on the balcony was ab-so-lutely gorgeous . . . and Jamie and Daniel are seriously stunning wpJ&D-36  awwwwwwwww wpJ&D-37 we then took some ring shots. . . because I love ring shots wp107wpJ&D-25 After some quality time at the Kennedy Center, we went to a nice, private section of Great Falls wp104 TURN AND LAUGH wp102 Jamie working that hat ! wp109wp105wpJ&D-58 so much love for these two wp108

I was so honored to be able to capture their love. I love you both so so so so so so soooo much !


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