Eno Trails Daytrip

Yesterday a few friends and I went on a little adventure ! We went to Eno Trails to see the quarry and relax for the day. Although it was a bit of a hike (and definitely off the beaten path) we had an INCREDIBLE time !!!!!

fbquarry-2Our fearless leader and guide, Mr. Jack Wyatt.  fb1When we finally got to the quarry, everyone was nervous and excited to jump off. Tara was definitely ready to go.fb3fbquarry-31fbquarry-32fbquarry-33First jump of the day was a huge success !fbquarry-34fb4fbquarry-35fb2fbfbquarry-43fbquarry-38fbquarry-39GO RICKY !fbquarry-40fbquarry-42fbquarry-46fbquarry-47Last jump of the day !!!fbquarry-59fbquarry-60fbquarry-61fbquarry-45After we had our fill of jumping we headed to another part of the quarry for some relaxation (and for me, photo stalking)fbquarry-18fb5fbquarry-8Thanks for letting me stalk you Lexi, haha.  fbquarry-10Tara definitely had the right idea by soaking up as much sun as possible !fb6Of course, I still had to take some portraits. Thanks to Jack, Lexi, and Tara for putting up with my need to shoot.  fbquarry-6fbquarry-4ffbquarry-22

It was a really awesome day. Also, I want to give a huge THANK YOU to all my friends today for helping me face my fears of murky water. I had a few panic attack moments, but they hung in there with me and saw me through it. I can’t wait to get back to the quarry for another day of relaxation and adventure !


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