Christine & Josh

Christine contacted me a while back and told me she wanted to shoot her engagement photos in the Comic & Hobbies shop where she used to work. Comic books and board games !?!? Immediately, she had my attention !

Christine and Josh met in quite a magical way. They first met playing the card game Magic (a game which I still am trying to grasp. . . it looks so complicated !) I drove to Lostshade Games & Hobbies to meet up with the couple and could immediately tell that the shoot was going to be awesome. Christine unlocked the door and we ran inside, grabbing dice, setting up a mock Magic game, and picking out comic books ! Best of all, we had the entire shop to ourselves !! It was so much fun !

First, I asked Josh and Christine to pick out books with a boy and a girl on the front. Funny enough, they both picked a Magic one !

wpC&J-27wpI had never seen so many awesome dice in my life !!!wpC&J-20wp3Josh and Christine got to work setting up a game of Magicwp1wpC&J-18wp5Don’t forget to save the date !!! Working with the dice was so much fun !wpC&J-23wp2The shop was full of so many beautiful colors and illustrations ! I had a blast shooting details !wpC&J-25After the game we stopped for a bit of story timewpC&J-6wp4Aw ! My heart ! I just love these two !wpC&J-4wpC&J-8

After our shoot in Lostshade, we packed up the games and headed for the arboretum. Our first stop was the spot where both Christine and Josh took their graduation photos. I absolutely love this lake !

wpC&J-41wp11More kisses ! wpC&J-36We were laughing the entire shoot ! Christine and Josh are so fun to be with !wp10We took a little walk further into the arboretumwp7The entire day was just oozing with laughter and joywp8Probably one of my favorite ring shots to date ! I just love fall engagements !wpC&J-32We had a little more time to play around and enjoy the fall colors !wp6wpC&J-50

This whole day was so much fun ! Christine and Josh are playful, fun, intellectual, silly, and contagiously happy ! I can’t wait for their wedding on July 11 !


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