Christine & Josh

I love Bed and Breakfasts. Like, so much. So when I found out that Christine and Josh were having their ceremony AND reception at Lavender Heights Bed and Breakfast, I got out of my mind excited.

The last time I had seen Christine and Josh was for their engagement shoot. We shot in a comic and hobbies shop, played some games, rolled a lot of dice, and just geeked-out in general.

This time, however, was the big day. I was beyond excited to see them again. Christine and Josh are the most fun loving couple I’ve ever met. They laugh more than anyone I know, throw jokes at each other non-stop, and make the craziest faces. I know it sounds cliche, but they truly are a perfect match.

As soon as I arrived on site, I could tell that I was in for a treat.

wpThe decorations in the Bed and Breakfast were beautiful ! I adore dried hydrangeas, so I was really excited to photograph them.wpp2wp3I love the lace table cloths. . . there were so many wonderful little places to shoot at the Bed and Breakfast.wpwedding-10 Christine’s dress was BEAUTIFUL ! The details were absolutely stunning. wpwedding-17

After I got my fill of detail shots, I took some of the members of the bridal party outside for an ivy inspired photo shoot. First, I grabbed the ring bearers and the flower girl.

 These little munchkins were the absolute best !!
wpbridalparty-36 Seriously. . . what. . how are they this adorable?wpbridalparty-50Fun fact: she carried her basket of flowers AND her magic wand all the way down the isle !wpp3What a handsome young man !wpbridalparty-40 Then, I called the groomsmen out to roam around a little. They were all getting anxious inside and I think the fresh air did them some good. wpbridalparty-10Quite a good looking bunch.
wp1They did, however, make fun of my pose suggestions. Not cool guys, not cool.  wp2wpbridalparty-26This guy right here though, he did everything in his power to keep Josh calm before the wedding. He made him laugh, got him whatever he needed, and I’m pretty sure I witnessed about 25 reassuring pats on the back.wpbridalparty-28Seriously, the best best man. . . wp3And let’s just talk about this bridal party. Stunnahs.wpp6wpp9wpp4wpp5wpp8wpp7Christine looked like an absolute vision!  wpp1I STILL CAN NOT GET OVER THESE FLOWERS !!!! The colors in this entire wedding were on point !wpbridalparty-68wp4You know I can’t resist a good turn and laugh !wp5wpbridalparty-75But really though, these flowers. Am I right?wpbridalparty-81 wpbridalparty-83My favorite part of the day was the first look. All morning Josh had been nervous about all the attention on him. However, as soon as he saw Christine in her wedding dress, I saw all the tension and fear and discomfort leave his body. Also, he shed a little tear, which was just adorable. wpfirstlook-9wpfirstlook-13wpfirstlook-11I love these two ! They are so much fun !wpfirstlook-3wpfirstlook-14After the first look and bridal party portraits, it was finally time. Time for the ceremony to begin. There was a storm coming and everyone had their fingers crossed that it would hold out . . .wpceremony-16 wpceremony-18 wpceremony-20KISS HER !wpceremony-29Almost immediately after the first kiss, the sky opened and the rain started to come down. I followed Christine and Josh as they made their way inside the house for a few more photos before the reception started. wpp1Then . . . it was PARTY TIME !!!!!wp5There was a lot of celebratory bouquet raising, hugging, laughing, and . . . wp1kissing. . . wpreception-2wpBut then, everything changed when the selfies started. wp2I have to admit, these are some of my favorite photos from the night. It was hilarious. wp4wpreception-40And of course, the boys had to get in on it too. . . wp3Then some cake (which included the same beautiful flowers Christine had in the bridesmaids bouquets).wpreception-80 wp8Some (literal) toasts were given.wpreception-59wp6wp7

And then the night went from dancing. . .wpp5To dance fighting. . . wp10And ended with a rousing rendition of Build me up Buttercup. wp9

It was an amazing evening. I’m pretty sure almost everyone lost their voices from the scream-singing. But it was worth every note.

Congrats to Christine & Josh, keep laughing, keep smiling, and never stop making silly faces.


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