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Christine & Josh
  • Christine & Josh

  • I love Bed and Breakfasts. Like, so much. So when I found out that Christine and Josh were having their ceremony AND reception at Lavender Heights Bed and Breakfast, I got out of my mind excited. The last time I had seen Christine and Josh was for their engagement shoot. We shot in a comic and hobbies shop, played som[...]
Maegan & Kyle
  • Maegan & Kyle

  • Maegan and I "met" over the internet last February (I'm taking 2014 February. . ). We have been planning this engagement shoot for a very long time, and this weekend I was finally able to get up to Delaware and meet Maegan and her fiancé, Kyle. Maegan and Kyle's story goes waaaaay back to when she was only 10 years ol[...]
Jeff & Michelle
  • Jeff & Michelle

  • Jeff is probably one of the smartest people I've ever met. His knowledge in the classroom always astounds me, and on top of that, I am so lucky to have met such a genuine guy in business school ! A while back, Jeff approached me about capturing his proposal to his girlfriend, Michelle. I was so incredibly stoked and[...]
Tarrah & Ethan
  • Tarrah & Ethan

  • Tarrah and Ethan sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. I am BEYOND excited for these two love birds !!!! I met Tarrah just a few months ago when I arrived at Duke for grad school. From the day I met her, she has been a ray of sunshine in my life. She is so sweet, optimistic, bubbly, and (dare I say it) crafty. Not to me[...]
Iceland | Favorites
  • Iceland | Favorites

  • I have been reflecting a lot on my trip to Iceland. Now that I am back in North Carolina, trudging through my studies, and getting back to a "normal" routine, I find myself daydreaming a lot about Iceland. When I first told people I was going to Iceland, the responses were all over the place. "What?!", "That's so co[...]
Velkomin til Íslands
  • Velkomin til Íslands

  • Oh my goodness gracious !!!! I can't believe I am actually IN ICELAND !!!! We first started planning this trip 6 months ago, and it has FINALLY arrived. I am reunited with my old friends, meeting new ones, and exploring a foreign country ! Yesterday we flew into Iceland very early in the morning. All 9 of us load[...]
Cat Therapy
  • Cat Therapy

  • This play date with Mason and his cats happened about two weeks ago, but I am just getting around to editing the photos. But first. . . a little backstory: Over winter break I spent a lot of time relaxing, cleaning my room, spending time with my family, and going through my insanely large yarn collection. (One of my[...]
Savannah, Onyinye, Griselda & Tingting
  • Savannah, Onyinye, Griselda & Tingting

  • I had SO much fun with these girls today !!! A while ago, Savannah contacted me to set up a shoot with her 3 lovely roommates. All 4 of them are in my grad school program and was so happy they reached out to me ! I was beyond stoked and knew we were in for a good time. However, About 2 hours before our scheduled shoo[...]
The Old Abbey
  • The Old Abbey

  • Yesterday, Mike, Joe, Carl, and I went on a little adventure. Carl was only in town for a few days, and I wanted to take him to my favorite abandoned house. Little did I know that Mike had been to the house without me and stumbled across some building I had never seen before. We started our adventure at the little c[...]
Hillary & The Rainy Day
  • Hillary & The Rainy Day

  • It has been a bit gloomy lately. We've had nothing but rain for the past few days and I've been spending a lot of time keeping warm by the fire. The annoying part about the weather lately is that it is almost cold enough to snow. . . but we keep getting rain instead ! However, I got a little ray of sunshine today wh[...]
Teagen & Kevin
  • Teagen & Kevin

  • Teagen found herself with no one to kiss last New Year's Eve. This is the story of how her quest for a kiss turned into something wonderful. Teagen was out with two of her friends on New Year's Eve, 2013. Teagen, Taylor, and Helen went to Phoenixville to see Taylor's older brother Kevin's band usher in the new y[...]
New Year's Eve
  • New Year's Eve

  • I don't usually get hyped for New Year's Eve. On a "normal" night (the other 364 days of the year) you can find me safely tucked into bed by 11:00. I'm not the biggest fan of crowded parties, I don't particularly like loud music, popping balloons makes me jump, and those party horns set my teeth on edge (don't I jus[...]