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Katrina & Joe
  • Katrina & Joe

  • The first time I met Katrina and Joe was at their beautiful engagement session in the arboretum at JMU. Joe was very quiet and Katrina wore a beautiful necklace. Theirs was one of the first engagement session I ever shot ! I was nervous, excited, so energetic, and running all around the arboretum with them. A few mo[...]
Cece & Jason
  • Cece & Jason

  • I had such a lovely day at Sunday Park with Cece & Jason !!!! Their fall engagement shoot was perfect because the leaves were just starting to fall, but the sands on the lake represented their upcoming summer wedding !!! This was a breathtaking location to shoot ! I hope to be back soon ! I am absolutely obsesse[...]
Sam Valentine
  • Sam Valentine

  • I had the great pleasure of shooting with Mr. Sam Valentine this weekend !!! Look out ladies, not only is he a total sweetheart, he  is also incredibly talented. Like, ridiculously talented !!! His voice is so relaxing and guitar skills are brilliant ! Also, he writes his own music. Creative? Check. Handsome? Check. Fu[...]
Harvest Queen
  • Harvest Queen

  • I always love shooting with Sydni ! She brings so much light and joy to each shoot and isn't afraid to be her bubbly, hysterical, glorious self !!! This week we traipsed through the arboretum (it was her very first time being there !!!) collecting leaves and turning them into a crown ! Originally, I had the idea to [...]
  • Natalie

  • I am so, so, so, SO fortunate to have this girl in my life. Natalie joined my a cappella sisterhood, Note-oriety, a year and a half ago and she has been a big part of my life for during that time. Basically the definition of "born to be the coolest person ever", Natalie is super down to earth, has an amazing sense of s[...]
Catching Fire
  • Catching Fire

  • Sorry for the inactivity lately. I've been a little stressed and just recently had a little accident. I had a close encounter with some fire, and I wanted to tell you guys about it. *This is my little PSA about being safe.* I was having an absolutely LOVELY evening with one of my really good friends. We were watc[...]
Coaching Session with Katelyn James
  • Coaching Session with Katelyn James

  • SUPER EXCITING NEWS !!!!! Back in August I had an amazing coaching session with Katelyn James. (For those of you who don't know her, you should seriously go look her up) We spent time playing with her adorable puppy, Bokeh, chatting over tea about photography, and pinpointing ways I can improve my business. The expe[...]
The Story of the Feather
  • The Story of the Feather

  • When I began working on my new logo, I had absolutely no idea where I wanted to start, what direction I was going in, or even what shapes to use in the design !!!!! I worked on one design for about 2 weeks and when I showed my family they said: "It's nice. . . but it isn't really you. . . " They were absolutely r[...]