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Cambodia | The Journey Home
  • Cambodia | The Journey Home

  • One boat ride to Phnom Pehn: 6 hours One Flight to Seoul, South Korea: 6 hours A Layover in Seoul: 8 hours One flight to LAX: 10.5 hours One flight home to Philly: 6 hours Hopping into my own bed with my puppy after a long day(s) of traveling: priceless.  The  journey home was long, sunny, hot, windy, wet, cold, [...]
Cambodia | Clinic Days
  • Cambodia | Clinic Days

  • When I first signed up with IMR, I really had no idea what to expect. I had absolutely no medical training (unless you count cleaning dental instruments in my dads office or passing out while watching a wisdom tooth extraction. . .) so I wasn't exactly sure of my role in the group. Technically, I was the historian. It [...]
Cambodia | Country Life
  • Cambodia | Country Life

  • Most of the time, our clinics were about an hour and a half outside the city lines. This meant that we were working on the side of dirt roads in the middle of fields filled with cows, water buffalo, and the occasional chicken ! Here are just a few snapshots of the wildlife and landscape we encountered during our cli[...]
Cambodia | Angkor Wat
  • Cambodia | Angkor Wat

  • Words can not even begin to describe the awe and wonder of Angkor Wat. . . Built in the 12th century, the sheer mass of the temple is breathtaking !! However, the minute and precise details in the stonework are what really took my breath away. The history surrounding Angkor Wat is very interesting. According to one le[...]
Cambodia | The Future of Khmer Children
  • Cambodia | The Future of Khmer Children

  • Honestly, I have never been a "kid person." Babies scare the heck out of me and I never thought I had the patience to deal with toddlers. However, our trip to the local school (run by The Future of Khmer Children Organization) sparked something inside me. We went to the school to see the kids, give them stickers, take [...]
Cambodia | The Killing Fields
  • Cambodia | The Killing Fields

  • I don't even know where to begin. I have been wanting to do a medical mission trip with my dad for a long time. We finally decided that now was the right time for both of us and discovered a program called International Medical Relief (or IMR for short). Honestly, I didn't know what to expect when we signed on board, b[...]
Liz & Sara
  • Liz & Sara

  • These girls and I go way, way, way, way, WAAAAAAAYY back. Actually, we go further back before any of us were even born !!! Their mom and my mom have been best friends for (what seems like) forever !!!! We've spent many a summer at the beach, playing, growing and laughing together. I was so happy when they called me [...]
The Seven Fishes
  • The Seven Fishes

  • Every year my mom's side of the family gathers at my Granny's house for dinner on Christmas Eve. Well, actually it would be more accurate to say that we sit down to a FEAST. My family has this tradition called "The Seven Fishes". We don't actually know why we do this, where the tradition originated from, or exactly whi[...]