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A Study in Black & White & Housemates
  • A Study in Black & White & Housemates

  • Last year I had the opportunity to take a B&W film class at my school. This was my first photography class in over 3 years, and to say the least, I was bursting with emotion. Excitement, nervousness, doubt, butterflies, dread, and enthusiasm all crowed inside my heart during the first week of class. However, I quic[...]
Hello, and Welcome !!!
  • Hello, and Welcome !!!

  • Hello there ! I am so excited that you stopped by ! Welcome to my new site ! New look, new logo, new style, and (FINALLY) a blog !!! I am beyond stoked about having this blog. It will be a place for me to share experiences, DIY projects, and little tidbits about myself. Without further ado, let me share just [...]