Addie & Chris

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. I don’t know where to begin ! Addie is a beautiful, classy, incredibly talented angel !! Chris is a sweet, funny, photogenic man in uniform. Together, these blue eyed beauties are quite the pair.

I am fortunate enough to call Addie my sister (one of my first by the way). She took me under her wing when I was just a wee little freshman in a cappella. She taught me how to beatbox, helped me learn my music, and even taught me a few dance moves in the arc. This woman is truly amazing and I am so blessed to have her as a role model.

We had the BEST time roaming around Harrisonburg for Chris & Addie’s Engagement shoot ! Our first stop was the Joshua Wilton House. The lovely couple had dinner here the night that Chris proposed. I’ve never been inside, but everyone RAVES about this place ! And its is simply adorable from the outside ! Special thanks to the JWH for letting us shoot on their beautiful porch.

wpa&c-1wpa&c-6wpa&c-10these two looked so at home on the little front porchwpa&cwpa&c-13k-i-s-s-i-n-gwpa&c-4wpa&c4so adorable ! i can’t handle itwpa&c-18all about those details  wpa&c2wpa&c-28wpa&c-31this tree !!! it is so cool ! it was also Addie’s idea to shoot under itwpa&c5wpa&c1wpa&c-43i’m absolutely in love with this tree !wpa&c-42black and white lovin’wpa&c-54We moved to the beautiful JMU Bluestone for a few shots. I missed this campus so much !wpa&c-114wpa&c10wpa&c-119wpa&c-120wpa&c-121Then, we headed to the arboretum (one of my favorite places in VA) to hunt for acorns, play in the sunlight, and find a very special bench !wpa&c-58wpa&c-84they are just so perfect !wpa&c-60wpa&c3wpa&c-74this light makes me the happiest photographer.  wpa&c-68wpa&c6the ring !!!!wpa&c-78wpa&c-81wpa&c11wpa&c7wpa&c-93love love love love LOVE these two  wpa&c8wpa&c-97wpa&c12probably one of my favorite ring photos to date ! Addie said “put the ring here” to which i replied “don’t tell me what to do !”wpa&c-102wpa&c-103the most tender of moments ! this is where i started cryingwpa&c9wpa&c-112this is the bench where Chris proposed !wpa&c13

I am so excited for Addie & Chris and I wish them every happiness throughout their engagement ! I love them so much and can’t wait to be a part of their wedding day !!!


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