Addie & Chris

Addie & Chris. What can I say? These beautiful, musical, blue eyed humans have had quite a journey to get to this day. However, despite all the struggles, their love has prevailed over everything else, and June 20th was a perfect day. Even the rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of the family and friends who attended the wedding !

Addie and I were in the same a cappella group at JMU, Note-oriety. I’ve always admired Addie and looked up to her like a big sister. When she and Chris asked me to photograph their wedding, I was floored and so flattered. I was able to shoot their engagement session, recreating the night that Chris asked Addie to marry him. Chris and Addie have a magnetic attraction about them, you can’t help but be drawn in by their smiles and catch their contagious laughter. From my time spent with Addie in a cappella, and those short but fun-packed moments I got to share with Chris, I knew their wedding day was going to be full of so much laughter and joy. I couldn’t wait for it to arrive !

But, it finally did, and I am so excited to share this day with you !

10051003 the detailing in this dress is absolutely gorgeous ! i love the gold accents wpaddie&chris-2288 getting ready ! 1004wpaddie&chris-2311  the boys are getting ready as well ! 921 the bridesmaids come to take photos in front of this beautiful ivy wall !1314 i absolutely love their dresses ! wpaddie&chris-203wpaddie&chris-10 then, it’s the boys turn ! wpaddie&chris-15221009  one handsome man ! 1006 Chris played trumpet before the ceremony, it was a lovely and personal touchwpaddie&chris-2433wpaddie&chris-244 awwwwwwwww 2wpaddie&chris-3261000wpaddie&chris-328 Addie and Chris wanted Communion to be their first meal together as husband and wife wpaddie&chris-342wpaddie&chris-334wpaddie&chris-339 ow ow ! 1wpaddie&chris-323wpaddie&chris-33 immediately after the ceremony, we raced outside to beat the rain and take some photos ! wpaddie&chris-25wpaddie&chris-315wpaddie&chris-32 love love love LOVE these flowers ! wpaddie&chris-21wpaddie&chris-181 Addie gave her bridesmaid these Kate Spade bracelets ! wpaddie&chris-246 boom ! that ring though wpaddie&chris-33 copy1001 the approaching storm made the sky look wonderfully deep wpaddie&chris-421002wpaddie&chris-161wpaddie&chris-162wpaddie&chris-160 we left the church and headed for Sunny Slope Farm to take a few more bridal portraits ! 12wpaddie&chris-18316wpaddie&chris-2011008 i absolutely adore these shots with the veil ! wpaddie&chris-191a little rain photo. . . you know. . . just to remember the rainwpaddie&chris-204 Addie & Chris make their entrance with the bridal party ! wpS7wpaddie&chris-123 thanks to Gina (my right hand gal) for capturing this ! wpaddie&chris-133wpaddie&chris-129 Addie danced with her father. . . wpaddie&chris-13415 Chris danced with his mom. . . wpaddie&chris-143 and then, EVERYBODY DANCED ! wpaddie&chris-101232425 (and everybody sang as well) wpaddie&chris-7219wpaddie&chris-81 just as the sun was setting, i stole Addie and Chris away for a few more photos wpaddie&chris-21410 but then, it was right back to dancing ! wpaddie&chris-912018wpaddie&chris-103 since Addie was in an a cappella group in college, some of her sisters and I assisted her in singing a song for Chris wpaddie&chris-225 he then swiftly returned the favor and sang a song of his own ! 26wpaddie&chris-221wpaddie&chris-22wpaddie&chris-3771007 SPARKLER SENDOFF ! wpaddie&chris-38417

I wish Addie & Chris all the best in the years to come ! They are such a beaming example of strength, faith, and love.


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