me-1wpI believe in natural light, laughing hard, telling a story, and going on grand adventures.

I enjoy DIY tutorials, cooking, being outside, collecting feathers and shells, wearing boots, crocheting scarves, and playing with my two kittens, Jaq and Ary (yes, they are Game of Thrones references). I’m a true blue animal lover and my favorite animal is a sloth. If I were to have a lifetime supply of Starbucks Gift cards, I would probably spend them all on Chai Tea Latte’s. If you handed me a ticket to anywhere in the world, I would go to Abruzzi, Italy. I’m a second generation Italian-American and have always wanted to visit the birthplace of my family. Food is my greatest love (only second to photography); but maybe that’s just the Italian in me talking.

Over the past 9 years, I’ve fallen deeply in love with portrait photography. Meeting new people, hearing their stories, getting to know them, and capturing their personality in a photograph is such a beautiful and personal process. My mission is to reflect how beautiful you are !! Everyone is photogenic, so it’s time to step out and realize that you are wonderfully made !

I’m currently based out of Brooklyn, NY, but travel all along the east coast (NC, VA, MD, DE, SC, PA and more!). If you have any inquires or interest in booking a session, please head over to my Contact page and send me a message !!


Publications & Awards

2016 LOOKSLIKEFILM | Daily Update

2014 Brown Gallery | Selections Exhibit | DUU Visual Arts Committee

2014 Student Visual Arts Showcase | DUU Visual Arts Committee

2013 CRED Philly Magazine | Issue 4

2013 Photographer’s Forum | 33rd Annual College & High School Photography Contest

2012 Gallery Showing | Clementine Cafe